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Rails 2.3.* + Metal + Sinatra + Builder == Boom

September 22nd 2010

I ran into a bug in authlogic, forked it, and made a trivial fix. I’ll request a push back into the main repository, but with nearly 500 active forks I’m guessing that those are rarely accepted. This is the summary that I added to the readme file.

Very simply, this is a fork of authlogic 2.1.6 that fixes a bug in the sinatra_adapter. I didn’t change anything else related to the core functionality of authlogic. The symptoms of the bug are as follows.

You are running:

  • Rails 2.3.*
  • authlogic for some regular controllers
  • Sinatra from the metal directory, but not using authlogic for any of those classes
  • Builder

What happens is that even though you don’t care about using authlogic in your Sinatra classes, the use of Builder ultimately triggers the code that checks for the existence of the Sinatra class, which causes authlogic to load its adapter. The adapter is trying to inlcude itself into Sinatra::Request, when it should be using Sinatra::Base.

WARNING: I have no idea if authlogic actually works with Sinatra, because I don’t care if it does or not. I just wanted my app to stop exploding during boot. I’m using authlogic for my Rails controllers, not my Sinatra classes.

  • github
  • RubyGems
  • Bundler command: gem ‘jdl-authlogic’, ‘’, :require => “authlogic”
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