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More on Blekko versus Google

January 20th 2011

Blekko versus Google for an example search.

Please note right from the start that I’m not doing this to pile on. If I didn’t think that Blekko was in the process of making something awesome, I would simply stop using it. I’m writing this so that someone can tell me what I’m doing wrong, or as a bug report. Or both.

Searching for Cucumber docs

I was trying to execute the following search, intending to find the documentation for the selectors in Cucumber.

rails cucumber should select within

Here’s what I found in Google.

rails cucumber should select within - Google Search
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And my Blekko setup for /rails.

blekko | viewing /jdl/rails
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And the Blekko search results.

blekko | /rails cucumber should select within
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Clearly there is a disconnect here. I’m inheriting the /blekko/rails tag, and I even added the exact host.domain from the #1 Google result. Yet, I get back zero results and some non-relevant web filler.

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