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Elixir is Back on the Radar

January 30th 2015

Over the past few years I’ve waffled between languages that I use for hobby projects, mainly bouncing between Clojure and Elixir. I’ve been screwing around with Elixir for the past month again, and now I’m really excited because of the possibility of running this on a Raspberry Pi. I don’t have anything resembling a goal in mind, but seeing a presentation about Erlang on the RPi got me excited.

I suspect that the first semi-real project will be something homebrewing related. Fermentation temperature monitoring perhaps? I realize that adding Elixir to the mix for something that simple is just overhead, but it might be a fun project anyway.

It’s getting me to dust off the electronics knowledge that I’ve completely forgotten in the 20 years since college, so that’s a bonus.

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