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The Clojure - Elixir Pendulum

February 8th 2015

As I’ve written before I’ve been alternating between Clojure and Elixir on my hobby projects. I did briefly dip into Scala for an online class on functional programming, and while it was interesting I realized that there was no chance I was going to stick with that language for the long term.

My latest reason for switching (in this case from Elixir back to Clojure) is that I can’t be bothered to write roles authorization code from scratch for the umpteenth time. I could (should perhaps) start a roles library project for Elixir and attempt to solve the problem for myself and others. But I’d much rather get something interesting done.

A likely upcoming scenario will be me getting annoyed at either (1) trying to hack Clojure code with vim or (2) realizing that the Clojure roles libraries like friend are as obnoxious as making my own in the first place. Friend might be wonderful; who knows.

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