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Elixir is Maturing

October 7th 2015

I’ve been using Elixir and Phoenix a lot lately. I’ve probably shelved Clojure for the foreseeable future. Some of the major happenings lately:

  1. Elixir 1.1 was released. The amount of work that José and the rest of the team are putting in is unreal. He’s also highly active on IRC, answering questions for other developers and newbies. The whole ecosystem of code and people is very “pre-1.0 Rails”. There’s a lot of excitement, and for good reason.
  2. Phoenix 1.0 was released. While it’s the “Rails for Elixir”, it’s far from a clone. It’s built to take advantage of Elixir and the Erlang BEAM that all of this runs on. I’ve played around with several of the versions leading up to this, but 1.0 finally feels like a solid platform. The biggest downside compared to Rails isn’t really Phoenix’s fault, but it’s just that there aren’t anywhere near as many 3rd party libraries to lean on.
  3. Programming Phoenix is in beta. Only the first 122 pages are available so far, but what is there is quite good. I worked through every example so far, and learned a ton about Ecto (the database access / query builder library) and the philosophy of Phoenix in general.
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